Women in Construction: Brianna & Hedieh, Project Managers

It’s Women in Construction Week, and we’re highlighting some of the incredible women that drive our business forward every day. Keep reading to learn more about Texas Materials project managers, Brianna and Hedieh.

Project Managers are integral to our business. From managing field construction activity, coordinating with subcontractors, working with engineers and inspectors, our PMs manage all the key internal and external aspects of our projects from start to finish. In the work we do, they’re the glue that binds and the force that keeps us going.

What do project managers do?
Being a project manager, above all, is about communication. The best project managers are those who know how to interact and work effectively with all kinds of people. For every project we undertake, PMs work closely with the client, crews and teams in the field, accounting departments, office staff, TXDOT and city/county employees and everyone in between.

“Project management is about getting the job done right – meeting our deadlines and obligations on time and within budget, and doing it safely above all,” says Hedieh Y., a project manager with Texas Materials in Austin.

Our PMs bring a wealth of industry experience in the heavy civil construction field with county, city or TXDOT work in concrete, asphalt, underground and dirt work, as well as with heavy highway, bridge or subdivision projects.

Project Managers are incredibly adaptable and know how to pivot when circumstances require it in order to keep the project on track. In addition to guiding the project to completion, PMs are also responsible for ensuring compliance with our contractual obligations, controlling costs and maintaining profitability, managing the field construction activities, working with subcontractors and coordinating closely with engineers and inspectors.

“One of the best things about this job is that I’m able to work closely with just about every part of our business,” says Brianna G., an Austin-based project manager with our Texas Materials business. “My day could start at 6am for a team meeting and take me all over the city, working with our crews, meeting with customers and inspectors. It’s a new challenge every day.”

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