Mac Mix

Multi-Purpose Asphaltic Concrete

Designed for superior performance and a longer lasting service life. This bagged asphalt mix’s unique design characteristics make Mac Mix ideal for several different applications. The Balanced Mix Design approach making it rut-resistant to traffic loading yet crack resistant to reflective and fatigue cracking.


Critical Pavement Repair

Simple and flexible repair solution, CPR is a high performing cold mix bagged asphalt for use in a variety of applications in various climates. Primarily used as a patching material for roadway repair, CPR can also be used for utility cuts, ADA ramps, bike trails, golf cart paths and more.


Super Sand Mix

SSM was created as a low-cost alternative to Oil Sand, to provide a durable longer-lasting mix that significantly increases the overall pavement stiffness, drastically reducing permeability, making it almost impossible to wash out. The addition of fiber in the mix enables SSM to withstand the increased traffic loads on rural county roads.

Road Weld

Road Weld 250

Road Weld 250 is a hot applied non-tracking asphalt interlayer that is significantly safer than other hot-applied products (it can be placed at significantly lower temperatures ~ 250°F).


Recycled Plastic Mix

RPM is a versatile, high-performing and sustainable asphalt mix that incorporates recycled plastic additive and recycled asphalt pavement.