Why SMM?

For many years, Oil Sand has been used in many rural areas on county roads as a low-cost dust control measure and an economic maintenance strategy.  But oil sand mixes can’t stand up to the demands of county roads. Increased truck traffic makes oil sand ineffective and even more vulnerable to raveling and washout. With hundreds of lane miles of roads to maintain and never enough budget to do it with, rural counties need a better product.

SSM was created as a low-cost alternative to Oil Sand, to provide a durable longer-lasting mix that significantly increases the overall pavement stiffness, drastically reducing permeability, making it almost impossible to wash out. The addition of fiber in the mix enables SSM to withstand the increased traffic loads on rural county roads.

Design Characteristics

  • Designed to be structurally sound to accommodate heavier loads and increased truck traffic
  • Uses less natural sand compared to Oil Sand for increased stability
  • Designed with fiber to reduce raveling susceptibility and provide extremely low permeability
  • Resistant to washout
  • Produced with no volatiles in the mixture for stability and sustainability.

Texans depend on county roads more and more every day. We can help you take care of them.

What Others Are Saying About SSM

“I first came across this material application [SSM] four years ago where this material was used by the previous commissioner to repair some county roads. The repairs I’m referring to are the full width of the road and from 100’ to 1000’ long. I was really surprised at how SSM was holding up compared to other material (such as oil sand or hot mix) used on other county roads. Also, the repair locations are areas that the SSM was spread with a blade and not rolled in with a roller. It is my opinion that SSM has enough flex to be forgiving when applied over an inadequate base but on the other hand is tough enough to withstand heavy traffic. I started in 2020 using SSM installing with a laydown machine and maintaining the recommended temperature along with compacting with a double steel drum roller. Now I’m even more impressed. My plans are to increase my use of SSM in 2021.”

Keith Pearson, Commissioner, Precinct 3, Van Zandt County

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