Critical Pavement Repair, or CPR for short, is a non-volatile high-performance cold mix designed to be used in a variety of applications and climates. Primarily used as a patching material for roadway repair, CPR can also be used for utility cuts, ADA ramps, bike trails, golf cart paths and more. CPR is available in both Grade 1 and Grade 4 material options in accordance with TxDOT’s Departmental Materials Specification DMS-9202.

NON-VOLATILE DESIGN – CPR’s unique binder has been specifically designed with the environment and end-user in mind. It contains no VOC’s as tested in accordance with AASHTO T 78, which eliminates the harmful fumes often associated with typical cold patch materials.

FLEXIBILITY AND DURABILITY – Pavement repairs can’t wait for perfect weather, so CPR has been designed to be applicable even in the most demanding conditions. Wet environments and cold climate conditions alike, in high traffic urban areas and heavy truck traffic r. CPR is well suited to problematic areas where other materials are not providing long lasting performance.

CONVENIENCE – CPR is available in both bulk and 60 lb. bags. It’s easy to use and ready for use when you need it. No special equipment is required, making it perfect for patching crews providing routine maintenance or quick repairs, or do-it yourself projects.

LONG STORAGE LIFE – CPR can be stored at ambient temperatures in bulk for up to 9 months and in sealed bags for up to 12 months.

PROVEN PERFORMANCE – Our parent company, CRH, is the largest asphalt producer in North America. The CRH Texas Materials companies have a proven track record of providing exceptional quality and customer service. That legacy, combined with the use of modern binder technology, gives CPR a distinct advantage over other patching alternatives.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT – We offer comprehensive technical support to our customers. This ensures that the best results are achieved, providing the longest lasting repair.




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