RPM is a versatile, high-performing and sustainable asphalt mix that incorporates recycled plastic additive and recycled asphalt pavement.

RPM helps our customers achieve a long-lasting, crack resistant and visually attractive pavement while reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Design Characteristics

RPM is deal for a variety of uses: park/recreational applications, parking lots, heavy duty commercial and DOT highway applications.

  • Balanced Mix Design
  • Crack resistant
  • Highly workable and manageable
  • Ease of compaction
  • Allows an increase in RAP with improved performance
  • Outperforms standard dense-graded mix

Sustainable and Responsible

  • Incorporates recycled plastic additives, which diverts from landfills
  • Excellent performance while doubling the RAP percentage from typical mixes + enabling use of recycled crushed concrete
  • 20% increase in RAP per ton of mix lowers emissions by the equivalent of 16,000 miles driven
  • Each ton of RPM produced keeps ~180 plastic bottles out of landfills

Why Use Recycled Plastic?

When added to hot mix asphalt, a proprietary formula of recycled domestic and industrial waste plastic actually enhances the performance of the mix. This approach enables us to double the RAP percentage and test performance while diverting landfill-bound waste plastics and fueling the circular economy.

What Customers Have to Say:

“RPM is a higher performing asphalt; it’s more workable, it’s highly manageable. We’re able to get densities quicker with lighter rollers while still achieving the same quality mat and consistency we’re looking for on a road surface. It’s a blacker black and retains its color longer. The environmental aspect of it is very appealing. Sustainability is becoming more and more important and with a higher performing material that is environmentally friendly, that appeals to us and some of our higher end clients.”
Pete Catalani – Operations Manager, SouthTex Asphalt



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