Thank A Trucker, They Move America Forward

The vital arteries of the American economy are kept up by the tireless efforts of our truck drivers. Our daily lives are made possible by the countless miles that truckers drive to transport consumer and commercial goods and materials. One of our drivers, Colton, knows the ins-and-outs of the industry and implements the rigorous safety standards set forth by Texas Materials to get the job done safely and efficiently! 

When it comes to building cities and paving roads, Texas Materials has no equal in the Lone Star State. Our drivers work tirelessly to keep streets safe for drivers and pedestrians all over Texas! One of our concrete drivers, Robert Polk, let us follow him to see a day in the life of a concrete driver for Texas Materials.

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting 70 percent of freight that is produced here or enters the country from around the world. US communities both rural and metropolitan depend on truckers for their food, medicine, raw materials, and much more. It’s safe to say that, without truckers, our quality of life would not be possible. So, to show our appreciation we will be covering some of the incredible contributions that truckers make to keep the country moving forward. 

Transporting Goods From US-A to B

All across the country, long haul truckers are transporting produce, meat, dairy, and vegetables to grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Many truckers operate temperature-controlled trucks that have to be carefully monitored at all times to ensure that our food gets to our stores safely. All this while traveling thousands of miles per week away from their friends and family. 

Aside from food, truckers also transport crude oil, natural gas, and other crucial fuel products across state and country borders, which allows us to get to work and travel. Doing this safely requires experience and skill. Traveling on the freeways can be nerve-racking enough, imagine doing it with a container of fuel attached to the back of your vehicle! 

At Texas Materials, we look for experienced drivers and equipment operators who understand what it takes to work in the paving and asphalt industries. It takes a steady hand to operate a milling machine or mixer truck. Typically, paving projects operate in high-traffic areas like highways and feeder roads. Drivers in these environments must be able to operate and drive heavy machinery within the tight confines of highly-congested job sites, all the while looking out for their fellow team members and other drivers on the road. You think rush hour traffic is bad? Try backing up a big rig in the middle of a highway during 5 o’clock traffic. Our drivers have to have the skills and resolve to get the job done correctly and safely.  

Helping Businesses Grow 

Even businesses plugged into the information economy, where most transactions are handled through technology, require the fundamental goods provided by truck drivers. When a construction site needs raw materials or a business park needs new windows, you can’t get those things on a web call! Truckers help keep businesses afloat by providing them with the materials they need to meet deadlines, finish projects, and complete repairs. For companies that ship consumer goods, like electronics and clothing, they depend on truckers to get these goods to customers on time, so they can focus on running their businesses.

Building The Country, One Mile At a Time

From bridges to buildings, to roads and railways, the infrastructure of the United States is built by construction workers. However, they need tools and materials delivered on time to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Not only do our drivers transport the raw materials necessary to help build our great state, they also help pave the road for other truckers to use on their long hauls! Texas Materials truck drivers operate tack trucks, mixer trucks, paving trucks, and more. These construction vehicles require high levels of skill to operate safely. They both literally and figuratively pave the way for other truckers to do the same.

Texas Materials Knows Trucking 

At Texas Materials, we’ve spent the better part of a century building the great state of Texas. From highways and feeder roads to civil construction, we make it happen. Chances are if you’ve taken a farm to market road or hit the Hill country for a drive into Austin, you’ve seen some of our work. From the hustle-and-bustle of Houston’s highways to the backroads of Northeast Texas, we dedicate our time and energy to ensuring that Texans everywhere can get where they need to go safely. We employ a team of skilled, caring, and experienced truckers who help us get our work done on time and who help provide goods and services to Americans everywhere.

Looking For Work In The Trucking Business? 

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