Texas Materials Concrete Foreman Wins Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award

When Safety Training and Quick Thinking Saves The Day

On May 24th, 2023, one of our concrete foremen, Lorenzo Peña, was hard at work on one of our Houston projects when he spotted an elderly man who had walked onto the job site, tripped, and gotten gravely injured. Upon approaching the man, Lorenzo saw that he was bleeding from the head and was showing signs of being severely concussed. Using the training provided to him by the safety team, Lorenzo was able to help the man up and get him off the job site. Lorenzo provided first-aid until responders were able to arrive and take the gentleman to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

A Life Saving Coincidence

A month prior to Lorenzo’s lifesaving actions, Lorenzo was taking a safety course led by Texas Materials team member Darlene Trapp. The class included a” what if” scenario centered around keeping your head on a swivel and taking quick action in situations when you see them. A month later, that training came in quite handy and Lorenzo used it to save a life.

The Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award 

The Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award is awarded to those Liberty Mutual members who exemplify bravery and quick thinking to assist someone in need. The Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award was first established in 1922 and is presented to a person directly responsible for saving a human life. Throughout the history of the award, the most common life saving acts involve drowning, speciation, electrocution, and being stuck in a burning vehicle or building. All nominations are reviewed by a committee to maintain the integrity of the award.  Lorenzo’s award actually makes our second Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award. Last year, one of our team members stepped in to help those injured in a car crash on Highway 90 and was given the honor of the Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award.

We Take Safety Seriously 

At Texas Materials, safety and awareness are our top priorities. We train our team members to be ready to spring into action should the situation arrive by applying first aid if needed, contacting the appropriate authorities, and helping to take control of a situation where a life is at stake. If you want to see Lorenzo Peña’s full story, you can check it out on our YouTube Page here.