Honoring Todd West, Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award

It is an honor to recognize Todd West as a recipient of the Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award.

As Todd was on his way into work early one morning last fall, he encountered a serious traffic accident on Highway 90 in which a car ran into a tractor trailer at a high rate of speed. The accident had just occurred and emergency responders had not yet arrived. Recognizing the danger to other motorists given the low visibility conditions, Todd immediately stepped in and jumped into action to secure the scene with lights to alert oncoming traffic. He then attended the injured driver and stayed with him until first responders arrived to provide medical care and assistance.

It is because of his actions that Todd is being recognized with the Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award.

The Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award was first established in 1922 and is presented to a person directly responsible for saving a human life. Throughout the history of the award, the most common life saving acts involve drowning, speciation, electrocution, and being stuck in a burning vehicle or building. All nominations are reviewed by a committee to maintain the integrity of the award. Across the world, Liberty Mutual presents an average of 20 awards per year while set the 700,000 plus business customers of the Liberty Mutual group.

Safety is a constant priority here. We are united by a common goal to identify and eliminate possible hazardous situations. We make every effort to educate employees on safe work habits to ensure these practices are implemented in our various work settings. We believe in the importance of highlighting safety awareness and consistently reinforcing best safety practices so that acting safely becomes instinctual in any given situation whether it be in the workplace, family, or just within the community.

Here at CRH, one of our core values is put safety first. We protect and look out for each other. At Gulf Coast we believe in the importance of maintaining a strong safety culture and adhering to best safety practices not only while we’re at work but also in our day-to-day personal lives. Safety is paramount and continually reinforced through the work of our credible safety department by way of continuing education classes, trainings, certifications, and weekly meetings. At Gulf Coast, we believe not only in the importance of furthering educational development, but also learning from each other in a collaborative setting thereby allowing employees to communicate and learn from one another, not only as coworkers but also as a community. This type of camaraderie strengthens us as a business unit and also as a family.


We’re honored to announce that Todd West, a Gulf Coast mechanic, was a recipient of the Liberty Mutual Lifesaver Award. Todd sprung into action when he came across a serious highway accident last fall. He tapped into the safety skills he uses on a daily basis at work, exercising courage and compassion to secure the scene and attend to an injured driver. Watch to learn more about this special recognition, and why we're proud to work alongside Todd.