We’re Stronger as One: Texas Materials Group Companies Are Now Texas Materials

The history of Texas Materials Group is, in many ways, integrated with the history of the state itself. All of our subsidiary companies like TexasBit, Gulf Coast, Texas Concrete, East Texas Asphalt, and Moore Brothers Construction have been a fundamental part of building Texas and paving its roads for decades. For some companies, their history stretches over 100 years. If you’ve taken a farm-to-market road in the Hill Country, or crested an exit ramp to see one of Texas’ many stunning skylines, there’s a good chance we had a hand in making that a possibility.

Our companies understand the communities they serve. Through years of experience, they have integrated their unique and patented approaches to construction, paving, and asphalt with the needs of these local communities, both rural and metropolitan. Their knowledge, expertise, and materials have quite literally paved the way for Texans to build within their communities.

Without them, Texas would not be Texas, plain and simple. Each company shares its network, knowledge, and techniques with the other in order to provide the highest-quality services to Texans everywhere.

Now, we are beginning the process of consolidating all of the companies within the Texas Materials Group family under one banner: Texas Materials.

Each company will continue to operate as usual, building the communities they started in. In consolidating our partner companies, we are streamlining the process for our customers, making it easier than ever to get high quality, unparalleled paving and construction services and materials in the great state of Texas.