Veterans Day Profile: Rafael T.

Military Service

U.S. Army – 1st Calvary Division – Unit 2-82 Field Artillery – 3 years

What led you to join the military?

After 9/11, I wanted to serve my country and find a career path and do something positive with my life.

How has your military service impacted your life?

The military made me more disciplined, worldly, and gave me maturity as a man. It afforded me to go to different parts of the world which helped me build character.

What was your greatest challenge in the military?

Being away from all my family since I’ve never been outside nor apart from them. Seeing combat was very difficult being in Baghdad and dealing with the stress of the war/combat and the pressure of staying alive for the family.

What is something you learned in the military that you still use today?

Putting people first, from family to co-workers. Honor and treating people with dignity and respect. Helping with positive behavior and being a team player.