Veterans Day Profile: José O.

Military Service

U.S. Marine Corps – 4 years

What led you to join the military?

I joined the military to try new things, see new locations, and gain experience for the future.

How has your military service impacted your life?

Being in the military has impacted my life in several different ways and the way it most impacted me is in my everyday life. For example, I tend to be more determined, more aware of my surroundings, and more patriotic.

What was your greatest challenge in the military?

My greatest challenge during my time in the military was learning to live with hundreds of people on a ship for a few months.

What is something you learned in the military that you still use today?

The Marine Corps taught me to make the best with what I have and always return or leave something you borrowed better than how you got it.

Anything to add?

God bless America!