Veterans Day Profile: Jeff R.

Military Service

U.S. Marine Corps – 9 ½ years

What led you to join the military?

I didn’t know anything about the military and out of high school, I worked the oil field, construction, meat market at a grocery store. After two weeks of the meat market, I went to the nearest recruiter and signed up. The meat market drove me crazy and I was 21 years old.

How has your military service impacted your life?

It impacted me by teaching determination and discipline. 

What was your greatest challenge in the military?

The long deployments without the family. I had a 5-year-old that did not know me when I got out. I got out because of the family.

What is something you learned in the military that you still use today?

A sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Anything to add?

Thank you to all the branches because it takes everyone, and of course, to the families at home for the support.