Right Mix, Right Now with TexasBit

As you likely know, traffic conditions and weather types in the DFW Metroplex and East Texas can vary widely and often call for different asphalt mixes. What’s the right mix for your job? Experienced contractors from TexasBit know how to best optimize mix designs to get the best possible surface for your construction project.


We’ve been paving asphalt for a broader variety of contractors, businesses, municipalities, and government agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tyler areas than any other builder or contractor of comparable size. Our experience shines since we’ve been in business for over a century. Our reputation is for top quality Hot Mix Asphalt, Cold Mix Asphalt, Recycled Products, and Aggregate Sales.

You’ll see our hot mix asphalt concrete (HMAC or HMA) on the region’s high-traffic pavements, including major airfields, highways, and even racetracks. HMAC is the environmental liner for reservoirs and fish hatchery ponds.


HMAC is made by heating the asphalt binder to decrease its viscosity, and dry the aggregate. This process removes moisture from the material prior to mixing.


Cold mix asphalt concrete can be the right mix for patching and the lower-traffic roads in outlying areas. Our mix emulsifies top-quality asphalt in water with soap prior to mixing it with our aggregate. This creates asphalt that is less viscous and the mixture is both easier to shape and make compact. Emulsion break when enough water evaporates and the cold mix takes on the properties hot-mix asphalt concrete or HMAC.


We consistently lead the industry in accepted recycled products. The recycling of both asphalt-paving materials and previously used concrete is core to TexasBit’s operations.
We regularly find steel rods from previous construction projects, and have a process to remove, sort, and ship them to the area’s steel producers for reuse.  With our large-scale construction projects, we typically provide on-site recycling, saving both time and expense of transporting the materials to our local recycling facility. Why do we do it? We care about being good neighbors in the communities in which we operate.


Need advice on the right mix? We want to hear from you. Give us a call:  (214) 741-3531.