Profile of Kim Work, Staff Accountant at Gulf Coast

We are honoring Women in Construction Week by highlighting some of the women who work with the Gulf Coast team! Thank you all for your contributions to the company and the construction industry.

Kim Work has been with Gulf Coast for 19 years and has been in the construction industry for over 30 years! Her current role is our Staff Accountant and we appreciate all she does for our team.

Some of her work includes inventory receiving and payables, creating orders in the POS system for the sales department and handling other accounting needs. Kim says she loves working with the foremen, plant managers, and vendors.

If you need some career advice, Kim says, “try your best to learn everything you can about your business. I started as a scale house clerk, loader operator, office manager. Then I moved to the office to do billing and other accounting duties. I think starting in the scale house gave me a great advantage once I moved to the office. Just knowing what goes on out there was a great help.”

If you are thinking of a career in the construction industry, Kim encourages you to take advice and listen to people who have had long careers in the business. She says, “Experience is important, learn from it. Not everything can be learned in a book. Education is important but experience counts a lot also.”


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