National Roadside Safety Awareness Month

July is here and summer is officially underway. The rising temperatures are far from the only safety hazard during the summer months; the “vacation months” also tend to be the most dangerous for drivers and pedestrians due to an uptick in alcohol-related accidents. In general, these accidents typically occur either at dusk, nighttime or dawn. National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month is meant to raise awareness about this heightened risk for drivers and pedestrians alike. Maintaining vigilance is also critical for the safety of our team, as so many are often working roadside in the dark. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the safety of you and others: 

  • Always make sure your car is prepared for emergency situations. This includes a flashlight, reflective triangles, functioning hazard lights, jumper cables and a first aid kit. 
  • If you’re in an accident, move your vehicle to a secure spot that’s out of the way of traffic as possible. Stand along the “shoulder” side of the vehicle so that your car is between you and traffic. 
  • If your car breaks down, stay in your vehicle and use your phone to call for help. Do not get out of the vehicle and in the flow of traffic. 
  • If it’s a busy road and you need to walk, walk along a path or sidewalk. If neither is available, walk along the shoulder so that you are facing traffic. Make sure you’re as far away from traffic as possible and if it’s dark out, either carry a flashlight or wear reflective clothing to help drivers spot you.