Mind the gap (in your pavement) – don’t get left out in the cold

Temperatures are slowly falling here in Texas, and that’s great news for everyone except those procrastinating on their asphalt maintenance. Why is that? Everything has its season, and even though fall and winter in Texas is an enjoyable time of year to be outdoors, it’s not ideal for sealcoating and other asphalt repair work.

How does sealcoat react to colder temperatures?

When temperatures start falling below 50F consistently, sealant will not work as well and will not adhere properly to the surface of the pavement. It will also take much longer to dry (drying time can be nearly twice as long at 50F compared to 80F). This is why the prime season for asphalt repair and maintenance in Texas begins in the early spring, when temperatures are rising and the weather is sunnier, and lasts through early- to mid-fall before the weather turns cold and rainy again.

Why you should schedule your asphalt repair and maintenance work BEFORE winter temps set in.

Even though we don’t usually get snow or significant icy conditions in Central Texas, winter weather conditions here will still do a number on your asphalt pavement. If not properly protected, cold temperatures, rain and intermittent icy conditions will worsen existing cracks and weak areas in your parking lot or roadway.

Months later, by the time the warmer spring weather allows for asphalt patching, pothole repair, crack seal or sealcoat work, your pavement could be in much worse condition – meaning a heftier bill.

Save money (and save your asphalt!) by getting your sealcoat, asphalt repair or asphalt paving done before the weather shuts you out.

Word to the wise

A reputable contractor will always let you know that there are certain weather conditions in which you simply should not conduct asphalt repair, pothole repair and sealcoating work.

When working with clients, our estimators will always take the weather forecast and conditions into account along with the scope of the work when planning your asphalt repair, paving or sealcoat project. If the weather changes unexpectedly, we coordinate with you to adjust the plan and reschedule for a day when we can be confident we can work with the weather, not against it, to do the best possible job.

No matter the weather, protecting your asphalt should be a priority in any season. Contact us today to get started.

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