Interview with Maria Lanham, TexasBit Human Resources Coordinator

Human resources coordinator Maria Lanham shares her experience at the company, in the industry, and lends her advice to other women who are ready for a role in construction.

*What you like about the company or the industry? “I like that this is a solid company that likes to work as a team.  It is a friendly environment.”

*What’s your advice for other women who want to be in this industry?  “To have self-confidence and to show people what they are capable of with enthusiasm.”

*What are some of your personal accomplishments? “Coming to this country, learning the language and successful in being a strong support that show cases my strengths in the administrative support.”

*A day in the life in your role?  “It’s always changing day by day and continuously supporting employees at all levels as well as continuously learning the HR realm.”


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