International Women’s Day – True to Your Roots with Sabra Mott

Sabra Mott is an admin at Texas Materials. She was born in the area, and she does her part to keep building the Central Texas region by working for asphalt contractor and supply company Texas Materials. For Women in Construction Week, we’re talking to some of the incredible women who make everything we do possible. Read and watch more interviews here.


My name is Sabra Mott. I am with Texas Materials and I am an admin. I was born and raised here in Marble Falls. Been here all my life. I love horseback riding, I love art shows. So I work in the Marble Falls quarry. Our quarry has been here for many, many years. At our location, there is highway aggregate, and there are the hot mix plant. I work in the shop area, and do all the processing of orders, receiving of freight, and I also prepare all the preventative maintenance kits to do any of the preventative maintenance on the equipment.

So in 1988, I started as dispatch. So I was working at another facility that was still part of ours. And I was weighing in the trucks and giving their tickets to the destination that they would be going to. I did that for 15 years, and then transferred over to the accounting part of it, and doing invoicing. And then now have moved up to where I am doing basically the manual labor of receiving and preventative maintenance, and keeping our guys in line. I enjoy every aspect of my job. I do not like being stuck in a chair, in an office. This job gives me the freedom to work hand in hand with the guys out in the field. It’s very rewarding. If it wasn’t so rewarding, I wouldn’t be here for 32 years. I love the guys that I work with. We are all family. We’re all supportive. This company is by far… They look out for us, whether it’s supplying us insurance, supplying us a retirement plan. Yeah, I love my job.

So in July of 2007, we were in the process of building this plant. And there was a lot of construction going on, a lot of equipment that was brought in for that construction. And it had began to rain. But through the night, it continued up to 19 inches of rain in one day. Most of us were unable to come to work because we were flooded at our homes, or the roads were flooded, but once we were able to come to work, we couldn’t see the plant. We couldn’t see the equipment. Everything was flooded, everything… It was a disaster. But the guys out here worked hard to do what they had to do, and getting pumps over here to drain that water, so we could get back to building. And, yeah, it was very, it was a crazy couple of months after that flood. In the years that I have been with this industry, I have never felt like I was lacking in anything. Anyone that I have worked with, any new position that I’ve gone into, there has always been those people that trained you, that showed you the ins and outs to make you feel comfortable in your job. I really enjoy my job. I love the guys I work with. This job gives me fulfillment. There is so many challenges. I love a challenge, and loving working outdoors.

I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or if you are a man in this field. If you love what you do, you are able to do your job just as well as the next. And as far as having a family, this is an awesome job. You have insurance, you have retirement, you have everything you need to help your family through any problems that they may go through.


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