Gulf Coast Wins National Award for Quality in Asphalt Paving

Gulf Coast
has won a prestigious award for excellence in asphalt pavement construction. The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) announced that Gulf Coast is the recipient of the 2022 Quality in Construction Award. The company was recognized during the 68th Annual Meeting of the association.

The Quality in Construction Award is given to contractors who demonstrate a commitment to building high-quality projects that provide superior performance to the traveling public. All projects that receive this award are measured against best practices that are designed to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

Gulf Coast won the award for its work on FM 1408 in Jasper County, Texas. The company leveled the road and then placed a 2-inch asphalt overlay on it. Gulf Coast produced a smooth, high-quality asphalt pavement that also won an award from the Texas Asphalt Pavement Association and the Texas Department of Transportation for its texture and smooth ride.

Gulf Coast Plant and Paving Crew 22

This award demonstrates Gulf Coast’s commitment to excellence and dedication to quality. By exceeding the rigorous standards set by the industry, Gulf Coast is an established leader in the asphalt pavement industry. The company’s work on FM 1408 is a testament to its ability to deliver high-quality projects that meet or exceed the expectations of its clients.