Gulf Coast Takes Pride in Construction on New Port of Beaumont Overpass

In an effort to decongest traffic near the Port of Beaumont and the Jefferson Energy Terminal, Gulf Coast is currently constructing an 1,860-foot-long overpass that will provide direct access to the port.

Located 40 miles from the coast, The Port of Beaumont is a deepwater international public seaport, the fourth-busiest in the United States. And that means a ton of traffic. The Port handles over half of the nation’s petroleum reserves, but the increasing crowding near the site has led Gulf Coast to seek — and revolutionize — a solution.

The overpass, part of the ongoing energy expansion efforts in the region, will stretch over the Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific, and Port of Beaumont railroad tracks. The new structure will provide an unrestricted route for traffic and materials to pass from the adjacent Interstate 10 to the Port facilities.

By separating the traffic from the nearby railways, the overpass will boost pedestrian and vehicle safety in the area. This project has come to fruition through the cooperative efforts of several local entities. By working together to face and tackle the various challenges met throughout construction, Gulf Coast seeks to enhance both accessibility and safety in the area.

The contract for the project is being administered by the TxDOT for the Port of Beaumont.