Gulf Coast Is Proud To Help Rebuild Beaumont, Texas

Though it long ago left the news cycle, the damage and devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey back in September along the Texas gulf coast and around Beaumont, Texas is still being dealt with by those who live and work in the area.

Construction in Beaumont, Texas is in full swing as citizens and businesses rebuild after Harvey. According to the Beaumont mayor, some 2,000 homes flooded during the hurricane, and the total damage to the region was around $180 billion. Construction companies in Beaumont are working hard and around the clock to revitalize the area. Part of the effort is to “future proof” flood-prone areas and elevate many buildings in low-lying regions in the Beaumont area and parts of Southeast Texas where Harvey hit.

If you’re in need of construction materials or crews in Beaumont, Texas, Gulf Coast has the resources you need to rebuild your life or business, including significant quantities of asphalt at our Pine Street Asphalt Plant located at 860 Pine Street in Beaumont, Texas. Gulf Coast also has additional plants throughout the region in Houston, Jasper, and Hockley.

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Gulf Coast provides asphalt paving, construction services, and industrial and builder’s products to the region’s economy. We’re proud to play a role in rebuilding Beaumont and the region.

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