Get to Know Texas Materials

When you are looking for the premier source for asphalt and aggregate production in Central Texas, look no further than Texas Materials.

We are paving aggregate specialists. Our construction aggregates form the foundation of our region’s cities, towns and transportation networks: houses and apartments, roads, bridges, parking lots, commercial buildings, retail spaces, schools and hospitals, airports and runways and sewer systems.

From local granite, to limestone and traprock, our quarrying process begins with drilling and blasting the rock into smaller pieces. Then we precisely crush and screen the aggregates to produce the many sizes and specifications our customers need for their projects.

Texas Materials’ Base & Fill applications include foundations for highways and structures road shoulder and unpaved road stabilization, driveways, engineered backfill, cement-treated base, and equipment support pads on jobsites.

Our customers specify a variety of base and fill materials, including Base, Dense-Graded Base, Graded Base Course (GAB), Aggregate Base Course (ABC). Common sizes we produce are 1-1/2″ and smaller and other DOT sizes are available.

Coarse aggregate, which is also known as chip and cleanstone, is specially engineered at Texas Materials and one of our premier products. Our experience is that it provides outstanding application performance, bound or unbound. Some of the main applications include concrete, asphalt, MSE wall backfill, and railroad ballast. Common sizes we produce are 4” – 3/16” and other DOT sizes and special sizes are typically available.

Texas Materials is also well known for its fine aggregate, including Stone – Sand – Gravel Aggregate, our fine aggregate is specially engineered for use in asphalt concrete, select backfill and other commercial and residential construction projects.

Another special aggregate is Rip Rap, stone designed to control erosion and channel flow and slope stability. We use it often in landscaping projects.

Texas Materials’ team of experts provides aggregates and asphalt construction in the safest working conditions possible. Our reputation is for high-grade quality control and consistent construction and building materials.

Our sixteen locations are showing Central Texas builders impressive results and making the region truly monumental. We’re based in Cedar Park, TX, just north of Austin.

Iron Horse Asphalt and Austin Aggregates are now Texas Materials. If you are looking for either of those companies, you’re in the right place.

In everything we do, Oldcastle Materials operates on a foundation of three guiding values:

Safety: There is no acceptable goal for safety other than zero — zero fatalities and zero incidents. Safety is our No. 1 value, and it’s taken seriously by every employee, from the CEO to the front line. In the last 10 years, even as our company was experiencing triple-digit growth, we cut our accident frequency rate in half. We’re proud to have one of the best safety records in the industry. We also are committed to the safety of the public, surrounding communities, and visitors to our sites.

Quality: All facets of our business — products, services, employees and companies — are held to the highest standards of quality. Nothing less is acceptable to our customers or to us, and our long-standing commitment to quality is evident in our leadership position in the industry. Customers recognize quality and return time and again to the companies — like Oldcastle Materials — that provide it.

Integrity: Oldcastle Materials takes pride in an unflagging dedication to fair, honest dealings with our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities. Ethics are not a luxury; trust is earned, and at Oldcastle Materials ethical behavior is a non-negotiable expectation for all of our companies and employees.

Industry Statistics about Oldcastle

No. 1 Asphalt producer in North America
No. 1 Asphalt paver in North America
No. 2 Aggregates producer in North America
No. 2 Ready-mix producer in North America

Get to Know Texas Materials