Concrete Convictions: What We’re Really Made Of

When you consider the word ‘concrete’ and what concrete actually is, chances are, the first images that spring to mind look something like this: 

texas concrete company

But did you know that concrete can also look like this?

texas concrete company

That’s right; the roads and driveways that deliver you to your destination day in and day out — commonly referred to as ‘asphalt’ — is, in fact, a type of concrete, as well! That’s because concrete isn’t simply a specific product, but rather a general term for crushed rock held together with an adhesive material, called a binder.

What’s the difference between asphalt and concrete? It’s in the binder.

There are two types of concrete: Portland Cement Concrete (commonly referred to as concrete), and Asphalt Concrete (known as asphalt). The primary difference between these two materials involves the type of adhesive, or binder, used in each. The binder “glues” the rock and other components together to create the roadways, buildings and other structures that surround us in daily life.

Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) is typically a combination of sand, gravel, water, and Portland Cement, which is the most commonly used binder. Portland Cement is a fine mineral powder that hardens into a stone-like substance when combined with water and cures to become water resistant and extremely strong as a load-bearing material. PCC can be manufactured for many purposes, and customized with project-specific mix designs using admixtures to either accelerate or slow the rate of hardening, increase the concrete’s tensile strength, water resistance, etc.  

Asphalt Concrete, commonly referred to simply as asphalt, is at its simplest a combination of sand, crushed rock, and liquid asphalt, which serves as the binder. Asphalt Concrete can be created in numerous forms for various asphalt jobs, including Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete (HMA), Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete (WMA), and Cold Mix Asphalt Concrete.

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