We pave with cold mix, warm mix, hot mix, super pave, airport mixes, and specialty mixes and create the perfect mix of ingredients that is customized for each project. We know the local weather patterns and traffic conditions and can optimize mix designs when needed to get the right surface for your project.

The Right Mix

Cold mix asphalt concrete is commonly used as a patching material and on lesser trafficked service roads. We produce it by emulsifying the asphalt in water with a type of soap prior to mixing with the aggregate. In its emulsified state asphalt is less viscous and the mixture is easy to shape and make compact. The emulsion will break after enough water evaporates and the cold mix will, ideally, take on the properties of cold, hot-mix asphalt concrete or HMAC.

Warm mix asphalt concrete or WMA can be produced by adding either zeolites, waxes, asphalt emulsions, or sometimes even water to the asphalt binder prior to mixing.We use such additives in hot mixed asphalt for easier compaction and also allow cold weather paving or longer hauls. This method allows significantly lower mixing and laying temperatures and results in lower consumption of fossil fuels, thus releasing less carbon dioxide, aerosols and vapors. With critical time schedules for construction, not only are working conditions improved, but the lower lying-temperature also leads to more rapid availability of the surface for use.

Hot Processes

Texas Materials, formerly known as Wheeler, produces hot mix asphalt concrete, also known as HMAC or HMA by heating the asphalt binder to decrease its viscosity, and drying the aggregate to remove moisture from it prior to mixing. HMAC is the form of asphalt concrete most commonly used on high traffic pavements such as those on major highways, racetracks and airfields. It is also used as an environmental liner for landfills, reservoirs, and fish hatchery ponds. Hot mix means that the aggregate is heated to approximately 300°F for virgin asphalt, 330°F or polymer modified asphalt, and for asphalt cement at 200°F.

Paving and compaction must be performed while the asphalt is sufficiently hot. Hot mix paving is done in our warmer weather because the compacted base can cool the asphalt too much before it is able to be packed to the required density in colder weather.

Street Sweeping Services

At Texas Materials, we provide superior construction street sweeping services, keeping your job site safe, free of debris, and clean. We provide sweeping services for the roads and streets of Central Texas’ neighborhoods.
Based on your need, we will determine which type of heavy-duty or large sweeper will suit you best. We then develop a regularly-scheduled sweeping plan to optimize the amount of sweeping necessary to keep your streets clean and safe, all within your budget. Texas Materials also provides on-call sweeping, emergency and one-time sweeping upon request.
Our licensed operators are professional, reliable, and courteous. Texas Materials street sweeping crews require minimal direction from you to complete the job to your satisfaction. Texas Materials’ trucks are fully insured and licensed with the State of Texas and U.S. D.O.T.

Seal Coating

As a leading producer of asphalt paving mixtures for the Central Texas Region, Texas Materials specializes in all types of asphalt paving and repair, bringing decades of experience to your project.

We pave with construction aggregates, asphalt binder, additives and modifiers and create the perfect mix of ingredients customized for each project. We do it all, including striping and seal coating.

We seal small cracks with bituminous crack sealer to prevent water from enlarging cracks through weathering or percolating down to the subbase, which softens it.

Our paving products will consistently meet or exceed your specifications and since many of the specifications vary by state or locality, Texas Materials employs a staff of quality control managers, highly trained engineers, and materials technicians, providing outstanding support and service to our customers.

Crack Fill

The life of a road surface is easily prolonged through good design, sound construction and maintenance practices. Best practices for maintaining your road focus on keeping water out of the pavement, subbase and subsoil. Maintaining and cleaning ditches and storm drains will extend the life of the road at low cost. Experience tells us that it is far less expensive to keep a road in good condition than it is to repair it once it has deteriorated.

Count on Texas Materials for any needed repairs such as crack fill and paving system maintenance. We get the job done right.

Speed Bumps

Asphalt speed bumps are used to reduce the speed of vehicles, calm traffic and improve overall safety conditions, especially in areas with a high level of pedestrian activity, such as Central Texas’ many neighborhoods and busy parking lots.

Speed bumps must be of high quality and durability or they can quickly deteriorate, causing potential damage to vehicles passing over them if not repaired effectively and quickly. Count on a reliable asphalt contractor like Texas Materials to construct durable speed bumps that will reduce both your repair costs and the risk of harm to vehicles.

We install speed humps and speed bumps of all varieties. Texas Materials’ construction teams can install these humps and bumps according to the roads’ widths, from two to 12 feet. We also install rubber and prefabricated plastic speed bumps.


When you need striping or re-striping, look no further than Texas Materials.

Our striping service marks the paved roadways of our region, giving guidance and information to its drivers and pedestrians.

  • Texas Materials uses D.O.T. approved marking paint in our state-of-the-art airless spray equipment.
  • We install white lines for many applications: mechanical, non-mechanical, or temporary for traffic lanes, parking and stopping.
  • Our focus is on using technology including retroreflectivity, increasing roads’ longevity, and lowering their installation cost.
  • We can re-stripe the existing lines or design a brand new layout using your blueprints.

Dumpster Pads

At Texas Materials we provide a sound base for your dumpsters to save on future maintenance.

The surfaces in your parking lot underneath a dumpster should be durable and ready to withstand heavy loads.

Spaces are reinforced in the spot where the dump truck will be parked during emptying since the force of the truck and the dumpster can cause cracks, ruts and holes if an improper material is used on the lot. We use only top-grade concrete.

Texas Materials installs the concrete slabs or dumpster slabs at the street level or raised above the street level as a sturdy platform for dumpsters.

Traffic Signs

Texas Materials supplies and installs all types of traffic signs for your property to ease the flow of vehicles and pedestrians.

Our signage is built into your traffic control design, including any nonstandard signage for heavily congested parking lots.

Texas Materials provides all types of line markings, curb painting/stenciling, cross-hatching, path of travel, and directional traffic signage.

We have specialists in national highway and roadway codes as well as Texas’ state-specific requirements.

ADA Modifications

Texas Materials supplies all of your parking lot’s needs when you are making ADA modifications, including:

  • Installing handicap ramps and handrails.
  • Re-striping a parking lot to create accessible parking spaces.
  • Making curb cuts at sidewalks and entrances.

We make the approach and entrance to your facility fully accessible.


Texas Materials’ crews help make your facility ADA compliant.

We supply and install signs and posts for handicap signs, directional arrows, truncated domes, and bollards across Central Texas.

Handicap Ramps

Texas Materials’ crews help make your facility handicap accessible and ADA compliant with handicap ramps and handrails.

When it comes to the needs for your parking lot, we can construct and maintain it all.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Think of Texas Materials for your parking lot’s concrete wheel stops, or car stops, we are the contractors of choice for developing a safe parking environment in Central Texas.

  • Keep cars from parking too close to your building and its windows and doors.
  • To prevent cars from hitting one another, add our wheel stops to provide a much-need measure of protection and safety in your parking lot or garage.
  • Our concrete wheel stops are heavy and strong since they are reinforced with rebar. This makes them very durable. We can paint them in any color you prefer.

Bicycle Racks

As biking continues to grow in popularity, adding bike racks to area parking lots is a frequent request.

Texas Materials has you covered with supplying and installing all types of multi-capacity bike racks, two-capacity bike racks, vertical storage racks, and custom bike racks to fit any design.


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