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For all your "asphalt plant near me" needs, Texas Materials has the Lone Star State covered.

At Texas Materials, we design high-quality asphalt materials and put our years of expertise to work to get the job done right.

With asphalt plants in North, East, Central Texas, and the Gulf Coast, we can meet your demand. Our hot mix and cold mix asphalt paving materials and services are ideal for…

  • Roadways
  • Highways
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots

From estimate to project completion, excellent customer service from our local team backed by our quality control specialists, your expectations will be met. We specialize in a wide variety of asphalt mixes to meet the needs of any project, be it rural or metropolitan. If you’re searching the internet for “asphalt plants near me,” Texas Materials has you covered.

We offer our own mixes designed to meet a variety of needs…


Multi-Purpose Asphaltic Concrete

This jack of all trades mix can be custom tailored to fit just about any environment. High traffic or low traffic, hot or cold weather, MAC Mix is a always solid choice.


Critical Pavement Repair

Critical Pavement Repair is a non-volatile, high-performance cold mix designed to revitalize, revamp, and repair roadways, on ramps, bike trails, and more. It is a versatile and durable cold mix that works fast to fix damage caused by a variety of factors.


Super Sand Mix

Super Sand Mix provides a durable, longer-lasting mix that significantly increases the overall pavement stiffness, drastically reducing permeability, making it almost impossible to wash out. The addition of fiber in the mix enables SSM to withstand increased traffic loads.

Road Weld

Road Weld 250

Road Weld 250 is a hot-applied, non-tracking asphalt interlayer that is significantly safer than other hot-applied products. When working with hot mixes, safety is alway key. Road Weld 250 can be applied at significantly lower temperatures (around 250 degrees Fahrenheit.)


Recycled Plastic Mix

Recycled Plastic Mix, RPM, is a durable and high-performing asphalt mix made from recycled plastic and double the percentage of recycled asphalt products of typical mixes. When added to hot-mix asphalt, RPM strengthens the mix while diverting plastic from landfills.

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